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Try our International Off Licence displaying some of the finest spirits from Europe. From The famous Brandy factory, Debowa Vodka and Soplica Vodka's all with varying flavours and looks and taste, suitable for all connoisseurs of Bristish or continental spirits and wines, we have a large selection at the front of our shop for all to see. 


Fruko-Schulz Absinth 60%


192 proof 95% vodka See Video

kozel beer

Traditional Beers from Poland & the Chzech Republic

Spis Original

A Selection of Spis Original Spirits & Alcohol

Tokaji Wines

World famous The Royal Tokaji Wine Co. The very worlds 1st vineyard was conceived. See video


Proshyan fine Cognac Direct from the brandy factory

Armenian Brandy Horse

Another fine Liquor from the Brandy Factory

Wodka Zoladkowa Gorzka Traditional

A beautiful light golden vodka; Zoladkowa Gorzka Vodka is infused with a magical blend of dried fruits, herbs and spices making is a Polish favourite


Debowa Vodka - Polish Vodka at good prices! Our Debowa Vodka varieties are characterized by a very large popularity. The company Debowa manufactures not only classical but also Vodkas Vodkas in very creative wooden bottles. Those looking for an extraordinary Vodka Gift, is sure to find it here.


Brandy Factory cognacs which will be a great gift for any occasion. Armenian brandy represent a unique combination of design and taste, originality to underline your taste. The collection includes Menora, Bulava, dragon, Dekantr and many other vintage cognacs.


established our company in 1982. Debowa have been dealing with the production and distribution of liquors for more than 20 years. See video


One of the many flavours of Soplica Vodka brand . This bottle Hazelnut Vodka a very distinctive taste. See video


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